Photograph of fun.

Fun is a broad subject which often refers to "getting a lot of pleasure out of one's self from doing non-school related activities when others aren't looking", which is fun, according to the Guiness Book of World Records.

Sometimes, fun is even considered "doing homework" because of the whole "straight A's thing" which compells nerds and geeks all across America....and those other countries.

How the word was created Edit

The word was created by mixing the gases neon, nitrogen, and oxygen with the gas hydrogen to create this object called "fun", as it was created by two Science losers, and it ultimately made the school blow up, much to their delight.

However, they were soon sued for $17 and their four moms were devestated, so they had to work it off by mowing people's lawns, and then Bobby said his catch phrase: "Well, this isn't fun!" and then, when the fake laugh box realized that it was time to laugh because he had said his punch line, he was rewarded with laughter and the TV show ended.1

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1. Hmm.... Grade: F

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