This is the article which tells you that you may have mispelled garbage is actually about nothing in particular. In fact, if you want, we can just talk about absolutely nothing this entire article.

So woohooo. What to talk about. Laundry? did your mom get home in time to do the laundry before you had to go to work the next day? Who really knows (or cares), I mean, laundry is LAUNDRY, I mean, MY GOD. People can wear a slightly dirty shirt to work if they want, can't they?

Yeah man, like seriously. And as for cooking. If she's not home in time to fix a sandwich, I'll say:

Fix it yourself man. This should solve a lot of problems. Or eat a donut. No one's really asking you to have to physically wait for your mom to get home just so she can fix you a sandwich. I mean, come on dude, that's sickening. Waiting for your mom to get home just so she can fix you a sandwich. My God. You can do better than that, right? Surely you can. Don't disappoint anyone, and honestly, the only one you're disappointing is yourself. Yes, that's right. You. Just you, and only you. No one else.

We are not disappointed that you live with your mom in a terrible chaos and bad economy problems where people are losing their jobs. We do not care that you are disappointed that you live in her garage because your job at McDonalds isn't enough to actually live somewhere.

Please, boy, get some sense. You're already 40. Life's half gone. Come on, step up to the plate. Buck up. Move out. Get a real job. Do something. Don't be pushed around all the time. Put your foot down. Don't just sit there and do nothing. Come on man, you gotta move. Act. Quickly. Now. Or. I. Will. Find. You. And. Kill. You.

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