Well, there's two kinds of gas: the gas you put in[to your car], and then the gas that comes out [of you].

First definition Edit

Gasoline is the stuff you put into your car at the gas station when people are watching. That stuff, if you let your dog have it, will kill it. Do not drink extra gasoline. Instead, pour the extra gasoline onto the concrete road of the gas station, light a match, drop it, and drive away as fast as you can. If you hear an explosion from behind you, ignore it. It's the radio. If you have the radio turned off, then your wheel hit a pebble.

Gasoline is a liquid, so go ahead and drink it.

Second definition Edit

Methane gas is what polutes our little helpless environment that we call Earth. People complain about the environment too much. They should all get over it and have a big bonfire or something.

Anyway, methane gas can be dangerous to breathe in, and also something you don't want to breathe in, because you'll smell like methane gas for the next 24 years if you do.

There is a scale to measure methane gas' intensity:

1 The gas is not noticable.
2 It is barely noticable.
3 It can be considered disgusting.
4 Extremely terrible smell.
5 Someone died. Call the ambulance.

This scale, invented by Kelvine Methane in 1943, indicates that fat people tend to fall in the 3-5 range while skinny people fall within the 1-3 range, but strange occurances where those two categories severely overlap have occured.

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