You sure you weren't looking for hot girl? Because most people are.

A girl is a fish-like creature with very sharp nails and a very loud mouth that seems to get louder each day.

The stages of the girl's life Edit

From ages 1-3 Edit

They need extensive care because if they don't get it, they will cry and die.

From ages 4-5 Edit

They need to be kept with some kinda day care until school starts.

From ages 5-11 Edit

The girl always wants whatever its idol is, and you'd better get it, too, or she will punish you like mad, and it'll make you wish you were in hell, that is, until you give it to it.

From ages 12-15 Edit

The girl wants extensive makeup, clothes, etc. and if it does not get it, will cry for days. Especially, when they get a bad haircut. Also, driving can be a bit scary to them so help them out, and don't yell.

From ages 16-18 Edit

Until adulthood, they always want their car right when they turn 16 and if you take the keys away they will lock theirselves in their room until they get it back. Or they will hang themselves.

Eventually, adulthood comes, and they are a tiny bit more mature then they were. A TINY BIT.

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