Morgan Freeman

Photograph of God. Taken in the early 1st century. Sorry, that's the most recent picture we could get of him. Google images won't let you search for the word God anymore. They banned it. Too bad. Really sucks. Oh well. Better luck next time, supposedly? Hmm....yep.

God is a three letter word that is often entered at 1st grade spelling bee's so they can test the youngster and know if he's smart enough to spell the word or not.

Oh, and he is also the creator of the universe. But that's no big deal. People create the universe all the time. Daily, almost.

Trivia Edit

  • God created every bit of Mariah Carey's music
  • God hates mobile homes
  • Lindsay Lohan reportedly ate a shark
  • God invented pizza. So worship him for that. Or whatever. Yeah. Worship him for that if you can't think of anything better to worship him for.

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