IMG 5764

A M&P revolver from 1899

Guns are super powerful and super awesome.

A noob can hit a running terrorist at 500 yards easy with a thousand round drum. Just keep the noob determined by repeating these phrases.

“Hold that trigger in you almost got him. Maybe the next round will hit.”, “Spray and pray… spray and pray.”, “Come on now you got a thousand more rounds to go.” If these fail tell him a lie.

Like so: “If you hit him you win a trip to an all women’s bathing suit pageant and you are the judge.”

WARNING: If he does hit it tell them the pageant was canceled.

Guns are gods bless to the earth for keeping you safe and providing dinner for you and your family ever since the 16th Century.There are many other names beside “Gun” like: Firearms, weapon, the “Oh god he got a gun run for your life”, “holy crap I think I just crapped my self”.