A hangover is a person with a severe headache after they drank way too much Alcohol and beer, scientists say, while they were having a severe hangover themselves, having drank over 300 bottles of whiskey.

And no kids, stop saying crap; you cannot friggin get high off of Coca Cola! YOU FRIGGIN IDIOTS!

History Edit

The first hangover was by Johnny Boltz in 1044 when he was watching a football game and his favorite team lost the championship, and he tried to drink a lot of beer to make himself feel better (instead of the much simpler method of painkillers) and he had a hangover for the next 37 years, until when he died from a skunnk spraying him.

His memory lives on today. Mr.....who? Whoops, forgot his name. Oh well. No one ever remembers him anyway.

List of famous people with notable hangovers Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Hangovers are known for not being a fun experience, and those who have them sometimes say "it's like the opposite of sex, man!".

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