Heaven is that special place off earth that people go to if they have been saved, according to Christian religion. To many people, this doesn't make sense, but the Christians say they only go by what untrustworthy people say and whatever that thick book with the really thin pages says.

What has been described as heaven Edit

Heaven, for some, may be that place that is filled with miles and miles of hot dogs and hamburgers, or just a whole bunch of fast food restaurants with free food, and for others it is that place where you get to meet every celeberity you've ever dreamed of meeting in your entire life. And maybe it's also that place where you get to sit at home doing nothing but watch Spongebob episodes on the couch eating potato chips for your whole life on heaven.

And even for some it's that place that you get to simply bow down to Jesus Christ your entire life.

Notes Edit

1. Interestingly enough....

2. "If you laugh make fun of heaven, you shall burn in hell!" ~ random preacher at some unknown church in Utah.

Trivia Edit

  • If you dont' go to heaven, apparently you go to hell.
  • Heaven was named after the phrase awesome, like, totally man! in 1974.

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