Hell in the eyes of Damien/Damion/however the f**k you spell it.

Hell is Satan's crib. It is located somewhere between the rocky mountains and Montana.Satan has tried to promote Hell to be more enthusiastic, by adding Through the Fire and Flames as the theme song.

It is played throughout his crib with surround sound stereos and television with football to watch. However, it is the same tape played over and over, so people get bored when watching it.

Hell also has many landmarks, including the reconstruction of the World Trade Center, the Twin Towers, that place getting reconstructed in New York where the Twin Towers used to be, the World Trade Center, and even those two buildings that got attacked by terrorists on april 4th.Wireless Internet signal is very low, and so is cell phone signal, so watch out, unless you want to be reduced to using a wired telephone that is nailed to the wall.

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