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A typical lower middle-classed home.

Home is that place that parents don't realize kids want to burn to the ground and then laugh at. They would rather camp out in the woods with a beebee gun, some pinecones, and an AK-47.

Home can be anywhere, from a mansion in Beverly Hills, to a regular two story house in a small place like New York, to an apartment building in the middle of the Pacific Ocean (Montana). It has often been suggested that this is the place that people live in with their families of cats who have business suits and work at McDonalds.

Home is also the place that gets beaten up by stupid wannabe gangsters if the owner has a bad reputation.

History Edit

Basically Edit

People have lived in homes since 1983. Before then they were all hippies. Gangters claim to live in cribs, where Michael Jackson gets caught on a regular basis (of course).

The first settlers Edit

The first settlers, called the SS Diarhea, because they liked to write in their diaries, came to Florida in April that year. They moved to shore and carried their belongings (a knife, a shovel, a quarter, some sandpaper, a wrinkled up dollar bill, and a chaingun), all of which were forty-nine and one-thirds men.

They found a hut floating on a raft near shore and decided to live in it, until Hurricane Andrew came along sometime later and wiped them off of it, bringing them to shore in L.Ail.

As for Hollywood Edit

The reason Hollywood was named Hollywood is because the name of the raft they were floating on was apparently named "Holly", and they thought the raft was some kind of wood. When they saw L.A., they suddenly took out their chaingun and destroyed it to the ground, leading to the Great Depression, which ended.

As for Willie Edit

Then, one day, a settler, named The Fresh Prince, came from his mansion in Beverly Hills and proclaimed: "Dawg, why don' ya stay wid us fow a while?" The settlers replied with: "May we ask who you are?"

The Fresh Prince said: "Dawg, I'm from Bel-Air. Willie? Yo know me!"

They shook their heads, but he just smiled. "Don worry bout it. Come on!"

So he took them and brought them to the mansion. This was about halfway through filming the series.

In modern times Edit

Now people live in homes all over the country, because they watched that show.

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