Humorosity, or sometimes referred to as humorosity level, is a type of humor that indicates how much potential humor an object has.

Honestly, no one really knows what Humorosity is, so if you ever pass someone, tell them they're so f**king stupid that they don't even know what the f**k the term "Humorosity" means. That's just how people were raised; to cuss and such, which is very bad. Don't ever cuss. Misencyclopedia never fucking cusses so why the hell should you, dammit?

Albert Einstein on Humorosity Edit

Albert Einstein once "proclaimed", "People of the United States of America (and Kansas) I would like to officially announce that I am now using a cell phone! Praise, God Bless America (and Kansas)! Oh, right. About Humorosity. Wait a second, what the fuck is Humorosity?"

So even Einstein didn't know what Humorosity was. Such a shame. Nobody really ever knew, they just pretended to know, just like how George W. Bush pretended to be black. But that didn't last long.

In other countries (other than the US [and Kansas]) Edit

Humorosity just doesn't exist in other countries.

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