Who knows


Who knows.

An iPod is a listening device, a 30x upgrade to the mp3, and forty three and a half times better than any other CD player. It lets you listen to over 4 trillion songs, some of them can.

That's pretty insane.

Ipods are known for being small, adaptable, adoptable, and "cute" by some girls, even though everyone else doesn't get it....especially because these "girls" happen to be the name of an alien species that has come here and lived ever since 1944. Yeah. It wasn't Hitler's idea, either. That would make him cool. No way.

Features Edit

On an iPod, you can do lots of "things". Because it is so much more awesomer than a mp3.

Importance Edit

It's so much better than any other technology you can think of.

Types Edit

Yeah, there's types. You didn't know? Well there's lots of different types, we just don't know the names of them and have no way of explaining the types to you. So there you go.

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