I is a letter of the alphabet but its also a pronoun for ME!!!!!. So yeah.

The Man named I Edit

I was born back in 1932, and I had no clue why no one talked to him the same way that they would talk to others. He would go into bars and say, "Hey, can I have some whiskey?"

The bartender would be like, "Yeah, here you go. So, what's your name?" and when I would respond with, "I", people would get confused. The bartender said, "Who?" "I," is what he would say. "My name is I."

"You know what, for joking around," the bartender would say, "get the heck out of my bar. Now."

"But," I would say.

"No buts. Get the heck out of here, now!" he finished.

I left, not knowing what to do, and then he was shot dead right there by a man named Me, whose last name was Sucks. So his name was Me Sucks.

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