I Don't Care

Release date

December 4th, 2007


Pop, Pop Punk, Punk Rock


WTF Are Records




Carmen Stevenson




Released: December 2, 2007


"The Truth"

Released: April 20, 2008



Released: September 30, 2008


"Who I Am"

Released: February 6, 2009


"I Don't Care"

Released: July 7, 2009

I Don't Care is the third studio album by Carmen Stevenson released on December 4th, 2007 with 4 singles.

Album information Edit

This album is about Carmen saying that she is both mad at the world and glad its there, stating that she is going out of her depression writing and going into a new genre she wants to explore, called punk rock, however most of the songs on this album are pop and pop punk with few punk rock songs.

She recently finished touring.

Track listing Edit

1. I Don't Care

2. Life

3. The Truth

4. Bored

5. Who I Am

6. Whatever I Want

7. Second Guess

8. Protest

9. Careless

10. Fight

11. Don't Take It

Carmen Stevenson discography Edit

- Albums -
Love | Hate | I Don't Care

- Singles -
"Me Loved You" | "Time Will Tell" | "Like Friends" | "Over" | "Tired" | "Lost Forever" | "I Miss You" | "Life (song)" | "The Truth" | "Bored" | "Who I Am" | "I Don't Care"

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