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A man who was diagnosed with Insomnia 10 seconds before this picture was taken.

Insomnia is what you have when you really, really want to punch someone in the face as hard as you can. It doesn't matter who it is. It could be your dad. Your brother. Your dog. You just want to inflict pain on someone else because you're really tired from not having enough sleep and you want to take it out on someone.

Diseases Edit

Abortion Edit

Insomnia is the leading cause for abortion, as the baby gets mad if the mother is tired, and if the fight goes on long enough between the baby and mother, the mother will take out a knife and have "an unexplained miscarriage which she is really sad about."

Cancer Edit

It is also a leading cause for cancer. But hey, everything is suddenly the leading cause for cancer, or to be linked with cancer, according to the doctors who are always wanting to scare somebody.

To this day, people who have insomnia have known to have died, especially of old age, but of other causes, too.

Where the word came from Edit

The word Insomnia came from the word maniac, but was disguised with the additon of the word some which meant semi, and in which meant that the person was definitely the following words.

That's as simple as it gets.

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