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*Attention this is nothing but a joke in my spare time nothing is to be taken seriously

Jesus isn't that savior you think he is. I know the bible says he's almighty but he's not. As a matter of fact. I think jesus may just be a creppy pedifile. He has touched many children. As he has touched adults. I am not interested in seeing his second cumming ok. He's touched me far enough. He wasn't very wise either. Gambling with jews. Not the best idea i mean really. Jesus wasn't really murdered. The real story is he was gambling with some jews. He was playing a game with dice. He lost.

So he decided to open up a can o' whop ass on the jews. Of course knowing jews the told him as punishment. They wanted to play a kinky game. They tied him up. Got frisky. Whipped him a few times. Then let him go. The bible was really a book about him. That jesus made.

I mean really some people belive the book just appeared. Did god make. If so your telling me god took a whole seven days to make the world um...thats alot work like damn i cant even mow my lawn within 3 hours. thats a pretty amazing dude. Im sure god has slaves but he takes all the credit. Back to my point. Your telling me god spent all that time making the world then he chopped his own trees down skinned em' and printed billions of copies and sold them around the world. Yeah suuuure.

Oh and holy wat well that my friend is jesus piss. When jesus was about fifteen he was in his room playing video games around three o' clock in the morning and had to pee but didn't want to leave his room so he peed in a bottle he just happend to drink alot of water that day so it seemed clear. Don't you feel bad for the idiot who drank jesu s piss. Sucks for you bro

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