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June is one of the most annoying months of the year, especially for America, because America has to put up with all the friggin storms that go by throughout the month, and it can be very intense lightning, thunder, and tornadoes. Like seriously, man!

History Edit

The month June was one of the later months to be created, when people thought that only five months was well enough months to get through the year, but eventually, people from unknown countries like Poland and Afganistan would protest against not making at least seven new countries.

Where the word came from Edit

The word June derived from the word soon, which meant that in June, July would come soon. No, actually, no one knows what it came from. We just guess and go along with whatever.

Things that have happened in June Edit

  • 2009 - people are dissatisfied with the fact that June sucks right now in the year 2009. Thankfully it passed by pretty fast for most Americans.
  • 2001 - June was eliminated from the calendar and for a few years, there was only 11 months.
  • 2004 - June was added back to the calendar due to the fact that they hated July more than ever then and decided to take it away instead.

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