June 24 is the day in which people suspect that time will "reverse itself and do something that makes it, like, go to June 25 or something like that".

Feelings about this day Edit

Famous people like the Fonz say that "this day is someone's birthday, and because they're so special, and unknown, I wish them a happy birthday. No, no, you don't have to clap and applaud. Nevermind, yeah, go ahead. Yes you can."

Trivia Edit

  • June 24 is the time of the year in which it is 3 days after summer started, which makes it special that way.

On this day Edit

  • In 2009, this day happened
  • In 2008, this day happened
  • In 2007, this day happened
  • In 2005, this day happened
  • In 2006, this day did not happen. They skipped it because they were racist.

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  • Absolutely not.

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