King of the Hill is a cancelled TV show (laughs) that revolves around a boring father that has a boring son and a boring wife. That's ridiculous. They should sue that show for being nonfunny (yes it's a word....).

Characters Edit

Note that all the characters in the show are always mellow and act bored, like they're on weed or something.

The father Edit

The father is very boring and overprotective. He acts like he has no clue what he's doing. He talks kinda slow for an adult, much like a 5 year old using a mid-aged person's voice, and has a fat son that I don't know the name of.

The wife Edit

The wife is just as stupid and boring as the father, like when she gets mad she gets mad calmly.

The son Edit

The son is probably the happiest and least bored of all of the characters on the show, but he still acts bored, like they live a boring family's lifestyle or something.

All the other characters Edit


List of episodes Edit

Main article: List of King of the Hill episodes.

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