Knowledge-overtaking is what people do when they want to feel smart, unlike Misencyclopedia, who are automatically smart ;)

It is what Misencyclopedia can do, and if it doesn't, then it fails in a lot of places. But if it does, then, well, it does. Despite the fact that Misencyclopedia has a whole lot of short, meaningless articles as well, then yes, you could say that it is "knowledge-overtaking" and such.

But then again, could you really? Because if Misencyclopedia changed their motto to "info-less" instead of "knowledge-overtaking" then are they still knowledge-overtaking and not info-less? Suppose they were both; that would create a time paradox in the 77th dimension of the space time continuum that would result in the ultimate doomsday of life as we know it. But, if it was neither, then this place (as in, like, the universe and the world) wouldn't exist, and so if those two are true, then it must definitely be one of or the other.

And if it's knowledge-overtaking, then that means it's not info-less, and that the new motto on the logo is actually lying. But "info-less" can mean that you're lying in some cases. Yet if it's knowledge-overtaking, then it is messing with your mind, and takes over all knowledge as we know it. And vice versa. But still, if one of these must be true, and one isn't, then which one would you choose? If both of them are right, but that is impossible, and if both of them cannot be wrong, then one of them has to be right. And if one's not right, then that has to mean the other one is. And if the other one's wrong, then that means the other one's right.

So you go figure it out.