In Latin, the word latin means frogs with DUI, so no one's really all that sure....yeah. It's a pretty boring language and no one really likes it and all, so....

History of the word Latin and how it is related to pizza, even though we're not real sure on that part either Edit

It's been known for "latin" sure that the word "latin" has been around ever since man invented pizza in 1998, and how people before 1998 couldn't eat pizza because it didn't exist yet. It's true. Go ask your mom or something. Surely she's not born after 1998, because that would be really weird and disgusting, honestly. That's all. Just weird and very disgusting, or at least that's what Simon says!.

Currently, well, you know, in modern times and all Edit

Currently, Latin doesn't exist because it sucks and nobody has ever wanted to really mess with it and they don't care to mess with it because nobody friggin cares about and they never ever will ever care about it, either.

So stop messin' around and get back to work. Ha. Just kidding. No seriously, get back to work. That's right. Yeah. You do what I say. Yep. You go back to work. Yep. Mhm. Bye now.

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