Lie or lying down is a verb that corrosponds to laying down on something and being bored or lazy. It is a verb in the Grammar Reflexive Conjunction Baptistic Program for Alienic Cats and Stuff, or the GRCBPFACAS, which explains what a dolphin does when it's laying eggs. Obama has actually mentioned this program during his presidential campaign and it was why he beat Hilary Clinton for the Democratic Presidential candidate spot (or whatever).

Don't assume that dolphins can't lay eggs. Just because dolphins swim and can't lay eggs doesn't mean that they can't lay eggs. So don't believe that they can, just because your Science teacher said they couldn't. Because they can. And they will always be able to lay eggs.

Don't get it wrong Edit

And please don't interpret with a sexual position, as in, like, lying down, or anything like that, because that's not what's being talked about here.... just a whole bunch of different myths and, ehm, well, I don't know really....just interpret this article the best you can and leave out the whole "sexual" thing of it, please.

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