A lie, also known as stretching the truth or telling the truth in a more interesting way is a way of telling a story that is fun to hear and benefits both the speaker and the listener.

Types of lies Edit

These are some of the types of lies that humanoid lifeforms like to say throughout their lifetime, usually adults, per se.

Little white lies Edit

Little white lies are the lies that parents like to tell to their kids, and they call it that so it can be "different" than a regular lie. As dishonest as that sounds, it is 100 percent true, and don't let a mom or dad tell you otherwise.

Half the truth Edit

Telling half the truth is very beneficial when trying to tell a cop something when he asks you for it. You just make up a story that is based off of a true story, so you can't call it a lie.

A complete story Edit

A complete story is when you tell something that is a complete lie, something that has no real basic truth, and can hurt a person's feelings a whole lot if they find out it's a lie, so if you don't let them know it's a lie, then you should be fine.

See also Edit

  • Liar (someone who lies)

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