If you were looking for thunder, then you're wrong, because you can't see thunder. DUH.

Angry tree

This is what happens.

Lightning is a nine and a half letter word which, in Latin, means Man that Cheezit was big!, which can promt the saying That's what she said if someone is stupid or something

Effects on trees Edit

When trees flip off lightning while it is looking, it will strike their finger and the tree will often burst into flames.

In pop culture Edit

This aspect of nature is mentioned in several songs, movies, etc.:

  • Clint Eastwood once said, in the TV series, "Eat my lightning, boy!"
  • In Saw XI, Jigsaw goes, "I will torture you by striking you with lightning. Mwuhaha. Mwuhahahahah. Mwuahaha, HAHAHH!H!H!H!H!H!HH!H!H!H!H" *coughs*, *clears throat* Eh.... *clears throught again* yeah."
  • Don't Trust Me by 3OH!3, or whatever, has the lyrics "Lightning rhymes with duck", despite the fact that obviously doesn't.

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