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Linkin Park are a rap/rock wannabe-cool band that has always wanted to "get more into alternative rock". They got popular when they released their rapped-up single "In the End" which peaked at #2 on the Suckiest songs of 2001-2004, and this brought them into mainstream success, as said before.

Their name should not be confused with Lincoln Park, which is in Michigan, and of which they stole the name of their hometown from and changed it to "linkin" instead of "lincoln", which is highly unoriginal and was also "highly" unnecessary because now everyone hates them. Well, practically.

History Edit

In the End Beginning & the MiddleEdit

They started out with five members in their band but he split (as in, well, you know, in Science, he would've "multiplied") into two people so now they have six people. Pretty interesting. Reminds of you of that episode of Family Guy, doesn't it?

Linkin Park started off with rap but just "decided" to go Alternative "whenever they feel like it", according to that singer of the group who was interviewed by some unimportant television show that no one watches at all.

Losing success Edit

They started losing success, however, when they went into alternative music, mainly because that was when people were finally starting to realise that Linkin Park's music actually sucked, and then all their fans started leaving and liking Boys Like Girls, or like, Simple Plan or some other sucky band like that.

Members Edit

The band members, which includes 6 people, because 4 is not enough, has an auto-tuned high pitched voice for a tone-deaf singer, off-beat rhythms, out-of-tune guitars, out-of-sync backing vocalists, and keyboardists that play the wrong notes.

Criticism Edit

Linkin Park have been, throughout their entire career, ever since they realeased their first album, been referred to as "unoriginal" and "tasteless", due to the fact that they copy their own songs over and over and add some little twist to them to make it sound like something completely different, but it doesn't work. Similar to what Madonna does, you could say.

They are also criticised for, as one reviewer of them said while deciding on what he should rate them and all, "audibly breathing on the microphones inbetween solos" and continued after a long, four blank pages in the magazine, with "which is unusual for most parts. Sounds disgusting. Aweful. 1/10."

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