This is a list of the main Star Wars characters.

Main characters Edit

  • Anakin Skywalker: he went to the dark side (came out of the closet), and was stupid enough to listen to Palpatine. He had a son.
  • Darth Vader: also known as Anakin Skywalker's sister-side-of-him, is a part of the dark side and wears that outfit that you know is hard to breathe in. For some reason, he adapts James Earl Jones's voice while he's in there, too.
  • Luke Skywalker: was born when his mom and dad were high one night, and he is known for being the son of the "great" Anakin Skywalker.
  • Princess Leia: known for being saved by Luke, who fell in love with her (how?)
  • Princess Padme': had a baby.

Secondary main characters Edit

  • General Grievious: known for having four arms and four lightsabers, and he is extremely ugly. And probably single.
  • Han Solo: played by money-making Harrison Ford, he is very annoying in the show.
  • Yoda: died from shortobia (being too small and green at the same time; the Hulk failed to be able to do both at the same time), and also from old age (partially).
  • Palpatine: looks like he could use some botox injections (maybe a lot of injections)
  • Darth Maul: had a really long lightsaber before he got cut in half and he fell....
  • Qui Gon Jin: Obi Wan Kenobi's mentor who looked like he struggled with Math. He looked kinda like a girl, too.
  • Count Dookie: known for being extremely annoying and stupid at the same time (how does he do it??)
  • C3PO: named that because they couldn't think of anything better to name him
  • R2D2: they said "idk, seemed catchy, eh?"

Supporting characters Edit

  • Chewbacca: the furry man (along with the rookies Wookies)
  • Storm Troopers: white guys that didn't know whose side they were on
  • All the other characters and Pizza the Hut Jaba the Hut.

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