A street in L.A.

Los Angeles, whose name in Foreignese means We had broccoli and other vegetables for dinner last night, is a small town located in Canada, and offers home for celebrities who are homeless.

People who live there, such as farmers, merchants, and peasants, tend to adapt to L.A.'s culture, which basically sucks.

Los Angeles is also called "the city full of fat people" for no particular reason, but this is expected of other Americans, because many have no idea how to talk in English, according to other countries.

Shipments are made to and from L.A., often to friendlike cities such as Georgia and Maine. They receive shipments from Nevada by boat.

History Edit

In the early 1800s, a cowboy named Rod Los Angeles, who was NOT Mexican, came to California with his badge held high, and his shirt on inside out. he also wore his boots he had from the Navy, his 1960's looking hairstyle, and his nose ring he got pierced at the Walmart Vision Center. He was 62 at the time, and had no facial hair except sideburns and a full beard.

While riding his horse through the Tennessee Valley, he stumbled upon the San Andreas fault line, and an earthquake with the magnitude of 905143851349058430583450923845.0 struck there and his horse died, but he lived.

He ventured on without it during a serious sandstorm in what is now L.A., alone and fearing. Even though the sand storm wasn't actually sand, but was actually lice, he managed to survive and make his way to the center of the city, which was covered in it [lice]. He then fell over and died because he thought it looked cool.

Population, size, & geography Edit

The city of Los Angeles, which holds about 30 to 3,000,000 people, is very large, covering almost an entire block of land. It is bordered by the Atlantic Pacific Ocean and New York.

Trivia Edit

  • Los Angeles is NOT known as the City that Never Sleeps, unlike New York, because people like New York better.
  • Chances are that you will see so many "NO skateboarding" signs in Los Angeles
  • It has bunches of earthquakes
  • It will die

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