Loser is the term that losers use to insult people because they can't ever think of anything better to say.

Your average-day loser

Sometimes, teachers will arrest you if you say it in class, especially if you aren't in 12th grade.

The slogan they like to use during these occurances is, "The lucky ones die fast," which the government tends to find very legal and appropriate, for various unethical reasons.Loser used in conversations often results in the receiver walking away and flicking off the person who said that.

The only appropriate time to use loser is when losers look in the mirror and practice their insults.Some people, for some reason, think that the word "loser" is a compliment, for some reason, and go around and returning the favor.

This sometimes results in the person getting knocked out by a flaming torch, especially at school during lunch or at recess.A loser is also someone who can't do anything right.

HOWEVER, if you ask someone for paper, and they say they don't have any, DO NOT call them a loser, because you will get smacked in the face, especially if its a person.