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Love, in the way it's used as in I love you, means "I got nothing better to say", and in the case I love to hate you it likely means "I enjoy hating you."

Love is a four letter word that is one syllable, if you wanted to ask your language arts teacher at school or something, and it's considered shallow if you use it too much (too much being....45 and a half times?).

Types of love Edit

Temporary love Edit

People who are stupid, which is about everyone, say "Wow, I love these McNuggets!" and the word love in the sentence, if you ask them, apparently means "I love this thing like my spouse!" when that is obviously not true.

"Permanent" love Edit

The "permanent" love in a relationship is when you get married or something and have to deal with each other for the rest of your life. That is, unless, you get a divorce or something.

Fake love Edit

Fake love is the love that teenagers have for one another, about a month before they break up over shallow things, and start hating each other for no valid reason.

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The "expert" examination of love from that website, Wikipedia

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