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Earth is a gaseous planet of the North sector of the south pole in the middle of Egypt's finest cites, inclduing Rome, China, etc. Earth is known for its availability to have disgusting, gross, ridiculous salt water to cover over half the planet. It is also true, despite popular belief, that the Earth is not completely round. In fact, the photograph on the right proves that it is nowhere near round, if you look at it that way.

Earth is home to a whole bunch of wonderful creatures, ranging from python snakes to scorpions to all the dangerous, aggressive, huge animals that love to roam the planet that we call "earth".

It is located in the Milky Way, and for some reason, they couldn't friggin think of a smarter name for the Milky Way galaxy, because, honestly, they friggin named it after a candy bar, and that's just completely ridiculous. (more...)

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  • ....that in 2008, Cannabalism became dominant in the UK?
  • ....that if your cat ever watches Jeapordy, they will bite your head off with their teeth.
  • ....that your HD 85 inch plasma screen TV is missing and you can't blame us?
  • ....that because of all the paper and trees that schools use up, it's impossible for them to be conservative?

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  • 2001 - Bambi's mother dies (pictured). And was this even fair?
    Bambi's mother
  • 1995 - Mummies invades Ireland.
  • 1999 - Branded oatmeal is made illegal in Canada, Mexico, France, Belgium, and other unimportant countries.
  • 2009 - this day happens.
  • 2005 - one of the worst movies in history plays on the movie theaters. (see: 2005 in film).
  • 1997 - Madonna is named "the worst Hollywood influence". No doubt. Knew it was coming.

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1445 – Johnny Cash died to death in dat ol' burnin' Ring o' Fire. What a dumbass.

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The logo for Abercrombie until they finally realized that the person who was in charge of perfecting the logo actually didn't make it a perfection.

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