The man made of Aluminum. Aluminum Man!

Man is a word that can be used as a verb, interjection, or noun. It can be used as, "Man that manhole, stupid!", it can be used as, "Man! They caught me cheating on her again!", and can be used as "What are you going to do to that man? Kill him? If you don't kill the man, I'll kill him for you."

Man created the video-game, but that's it. Aliens created everything else technological. Have you seen the UFOs?

Man destroyed the economy, too, back in 1988, when the Declaration of Independence was written. This was around the time that aliens were thought to exist, even though it was man in cardboard box with duct tape and glue.

Banks do not give money to men (the plural form of man), as banks are racist against men. That was, until, when the stock market closed in 2000, and all the blanks instantly blew up and disappeared after trying to cause the world to end, but did not happen.Word got around that man was cool, and soon, people started inviting men to parties and stuff, and they would often bring useful objects, such as drinks and so on.

In popular culture Edit

Men are perceived as smart, awesome, cool, totally hip, awesome, cool, smart, cool, awesome, and smart to everyone else, too, making them be perceived as friendly (very, very, very, very, very friendly).

History Edit

Man rules the Earth and everything about it.[citation not needed]

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