Marriage is when two people get married.

(And then the organ starts playing)

Troubles people go through with marriage Edit

Well, people have marriage troubles....

Troubles such as wanting a divorce, like, two weeks after they get married, and that's pretty sad, too, because apparently the bible is against divorces, but you don't wanna stay married to a person forever if you have no love interest in them, right?

History Edit

The first marriage was in a pyramid in 1998. It was between two unknown people who were drunk and high at the same time and simply wanted to get "married". Ridiculous. Completely ridiculous.

Oh well.

Counseling (spelling? Ah, nvm, who cares) Edit

People go through counseling sometimes before they get married, but no one really knows why, because it sometimes makes them not get engaged anymore and so they never get married, and that can make a person sad, too, but, eh, who cares, right?

What does it matter? It might help, counseling, but who knows, really, and who cares, as said earlier (you know, in the first paragraph of this section).

See also Edit

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