Math is the stupidest most idiotic subject school has to offer. Society is right when they say that people don't need math in the future beyond Multiplication and Division, and that the

A basic Math problem

subject is just used so that teachers can get more money than they deserve (which, in their opinion, are underpaid).

History Edit

The word "math" derived from the 14 A.D. phrase "to play The Legend of Zelda in a similar fashion to how you play Metroid Prime. The point is, the two names both suck and should never have been made. Nintendo sucks. Video-games suck. You suck.

Some Math geeks say that the world will be taken over by Math books, but a recent study showed that this was proven incorrect, and that they were only out to get chimpanzees, squirrells, men with silver bracelets on, and the Nutcracker.

Trivia Edit

  • most Math teachers are bald
  • math has been proven to kill students with extreme boredom
  • the math teacher will snap at you if you still their wallet