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May is the most useless month of the year, so that's why people call it the "most useless month of the year", because really, nothing ever happens in May. No holidays, (that you can think of off the top of your head), no celebrations, just living your life for a full thirty boring days, which can get tiring if you're doing absolutely nothing the entire time, which includes watching football games on your Television, eating potato chips and drinking Coke/Coke Zero (depending on who you are, because we all know that no one likes Pepsi), or maybe even going to sport games and whatsoever that are so boring you could just fall asleep right in the middle of it, even if you're the one playing in them.

History Edit

May has been boring ever since Jesus Christ was born, in December, but we all know for a fact that Jesus couldn't have made May boring. So what was it?

Well, a large meteorite fell from the Universe and at Earth on May 15, 0000 (year zero) and everyone was really really scared, not knowing what to do, because they thought it was the end of the world for sure, because they had no clue what the friggin heck that big ball of fire and gas might have been.

It landed on a hut in New Jersey, so no one really cared, but still, they were amazed by the whole phenomenon, and it was all over the news for about 30 something years or so.

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