Me Sucks

This is Me Sucks WITHOUT the steroids. We couldn't find a camera that could take a large enough picture to show him with steriods.

Me Sucks (age 99 born December 31, 1899, 11:59 PM at the 59th second and 99th milisecond) is a surprisingly healthy man, who is largely and mostly (well, those two words are pretty much the same thing, right? hahahahahah not funny) known for making fictional movies such as Triple S! S! S! and Monday Beef, both of which grossed over 3.1 billion dollars in revenue over the course of a few weeks.

Me Sucks is in the picture to the right and that is a picture taken yesterday (it doesn't matter what day it is, just yesterday) and it shows him posing for a photoshoot. Notice that for a 99 year old, he's pretty good-looking. Why? Because he uses steroids and botox injections. That's what keeps adults from looking like your grandma, kids, so try it sometime and you'll understand what we're talking about here.

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