He must've gone through some....gender/racial alteration....?

Michael Jackson, also known as The Grim Reaper because of his appearance as looking like a female skeleton, Sexual Predator because of his accused molestation of little kids, and more commonly known as The Grim Raper for his habits and appearance, was a 50 year old man who produces records and hit singles like "Thriller" and "Beat It", both which sound like songs from the 80's.

He strangly has been married. The gender of the spouse has not been verified, as he refuses to say who, but we can guess.

History Edit

Birth Edit

Michael Jackson was born somewhere in the middle of nowhere and the crows couldn't get him because he was hidden underneath a cactus in the middle of the desert he was in.

In the desert Edit

No one knows how he got there, or how he was born, or who his parents are, and no one really cares, but when he was 5, someone reported to the news that there was a strange looking cactus in the desert, so the army flew over there and said, "Oh, it's just a helpless and hungry baby. Let's go and do something we'll be remembered for, like smoking a pack of cigerettes at the same time that we say 'no' to smoking."

And so they left.

Developing gills Edit

Michael Jackson almost died, but he somehow managed to develop gills and swim in the vast ocean that was next to the desert. He swam all the way from nowhere to somewhere, and was thought to be an article of clothing so Abercrombie picked him up and sold him to a little leprechan named Sara, who was never sober (that means she probably drank a sip or two).

When Michael Jackson was brought to his house in which Sara lived, she discovered that he had breathing problems because of his gills, so she cut them off with a butter knife and he turned white.

As an adult Edit

Now, as an adult, Doesn't make much sense really.

Death Edit

He died.

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