MicHELLe is a boy/girl name that derived from the name Sara. In Latin, it is known literally as My friend cheated on you for your wife. Strangely, it has a cuss word in it, and in some strange type of Christian religion, it is supposed that if you name your child Michelle, you are automatically considered a terrorist, and so you will be lynched/hung after an auction which will not go over the price of $5 US dollars, or the auctioner will get sued (painfully).

Someone with an accent (mainly British, though sometimes Russian) who is named Michelle, however, is deemed holy and is thus looked up to in times such as the Great Depression and History class. When America and Saturn got into a fight in 2003, known as the Persian Gulf War, the nation who won (Saturn) was told that it could increase its mass x3 for the hard work it had given towards fighting. Now, what does this have to do with Michelle? Well, Saturn's middle name is Michelle.

History Edit

Michelle was first used as a name back in 12,345,678,987,654,323,456,789,876,543,234,567,898,765,432,123,456,789,876,543,212,345,678,987,654,321 B.C. when John McCain was watching football with his new television set, and during commercials would switch to the news channel to watch the construction of the universe.

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