A man manipulating mind control.

Mind Control is what people like Guitar Hero and people in school do to your mind. If you wear sunglasses, however, and schools often do not permit this, then you are fine, but if you don't, then your mind will be overcome by wants of playing Guitar Hero, going to school, doing homework/classwork, getting more interested in stuff related to school, and a whole lot of other bad things.

Mind Control was used when Cocacola got popular by advertising it on TV telling them to drink Coke through subliminal messages. Sure enough, people started buying Cokes all over the place, and this made Coke have to take the Coccaine out of them and it resulted in the drink being nondruglike, which made it very boring.

Still, Mind Control is used often, in areas such as TV and the news and so on. And especially when a song on the radio plays that gets everyone drawn, like that horrible song "Hey There Delilah".

On animalsEdit


Cats are, for some fucking weirdass reason, immune to mind control, similarly like how Will Smith is immune to the Infected. Oh yes, he is immune, and so are those fucking cats. No matter how many times you tell them, they will be like "screw you motherfucker, go fuck yourself u dumbass".


Dogs are strangely, inevetably drawn and semi-addicted to mind control and it's real weird, yep.

Other animalsEdit

All those other animals are fucking impervious to mind control except for the monkeys, the beatles, and the rolling stones.

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