Not to be confused with mirrorphobia, the fear of mirrors/the fear that mirrors will take over the world.

The mirror is a parallel universe invented by chipmunks in the early 23rd Century. People who say a "reflection" is a parallel universe (just like a mirror is) are stupid and retarded dumbasses who need to watch the Discovery channel once in a while. Or at least YouTube, Goddammit.

Ya little fuckers.

History Edit

Mirrors were novelty items back when stones were new. They were sold in stores across L.A., and even when drive-bys were often relevent in little towns in England like New York City. They are also used as weapons, and are thrown during drive-bys. A method people used to get others off their lawn would be to bust the wardrobe out and use the shards as weapons, and often hit people in the head with them, causing them to have a concussion and to be rushed to the hospital.

The ambulance was often attacked as well. They can also explode if kept under extreme heat conditions for long periods of time, such as 70 degrees Farenheit or above. People who are unattractive enough can also make them break. That's one of the many reasons why vampires can't see themselves. Bitch.

People often call themselves 'mirror whisperers', as people in general believe that mirrors can talk and carry on casual conversation about sports or the news, or the Mafia. It is proven, however, that mirrors can only put themselves to sleep, especially when they get old and start making reflections of objects and start 'mimicking' them.

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