Misencyclopedia's rules are a simple guideline of rules that users must follow or content they create will likely be deleted.

The rules

1. Do not use anything too harsh. The critical mass will take Misencyclopedia down, if you can understand the consequences of that.

2. Do not cuss using the N word, the F word, or sexual cuss words, but use of cussing is permitted if you want to use them.

3. With creating an article, make sure that the article is spelled correctly and you can write at least a little bit about, and that it isn't already created, even though that's surely pretty easy to figure out.

4. Make sure it's fairly remotely related to the article. It doesn't really have to be though.

5. Do not promote yourself. Misencyclopedia is not an advertising site, so only post links that promote yourself on your own user page. Any advertising or spamming that is made will result in the deletion of the material.

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