Misencyclopedia has problems with layouts and skins especially, so we'd just like to point out that the website is not built for the Monaco skin that is the default, which welcomes you with a skin that looks practically nothing like Wikipedia's skin.

However, you can change it to make it look like that by going to your "my preferences" link at the top of the webpage and then opening the "skins" tab which has the "monobook" option and you can choose it as the skin, which looks a lot like Wikipedia's; just won't let us put the Monobook skin as the default.

If you need a link to it from here,

  • This is your preferences: My Preferences. And then you just go to the second tab, entitled "Skin" to find it.

NOTE: This is ONLY for people who have a registered account on Misencyclopedia. Those who do not cannot perform this task.

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