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Monday is a sucky[1] day, especially because school starts again after a nice, long weekend (except for Sunday, because Sunday also sucked, right?) and you just wanna punch the teacher who said "alright, pop quiz!" right in the fucking face. And then you go to court a few months later and the judge decides to make you go to fucking alternative school and says he's fucking "letting you off easy" and so you don't fucking care and you're mom doesn't fucking care and so you're mom's like "why the fuck did this happen John?" and you're just like "i dont fucking know."[2]

Mondays really just piss everyone off, something that Leonardo da Vinci, Mozart, Benjamin Franklin, and Isaac Newton all managed to figure out after complex story-telling methods.


Many people have protested for taking Monday out of the week, mainly kids (well, teenagers, because kids don't know and can't do anything intelligent), while the adults are like "ha, what the fuck are these kids doing?" And so they just really fucking piss everyone off and they don't care, as long as they get their money that they've been waiting for.

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  1. Well, you gotta admit, it's not a blowy day, is it?
  2. If you wanted the censored version, then here it is: Go fuck yourself.

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