A monkey is often a type of fish animal, and they live to be 1 minute of age - 100 years of age, so you can pretty easily predict when they will die.

They are known for being ugly, hairy, annoying, slapping you in the face, having weird hands and feet, being a mammal (unfortunately they're a part of the family) and also for having those weird ears and that weird face that scares you, thinking it would be in one of those freakshows or something.

History Edit

Monkeys first appeared on earth back in 1998 when ancient Egyptians found a dead animal in the sand and was unsure of what to name it.

They thought of the name Bob first, but it seemed to complicated, so they eventually picked the name monkey, which, in Egyptian, meant ugly animal, apparently.

Soon the population of the monkey grew to where they were all over the world, even in places like Iceland (places that no one spends time going to, ever), often wearing clothes disguised as Santa Claus or something.

Physical features Edit

A monkey is considered ugly by 6.6 billion people, and the other .l billion think of them as "cute".

See also Edit

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