Move Along is a song by the All-American Rejects. It is unknown to the public (America) when it was released, but no one really tried to figure it out either.

Possibly 2006 or 2007, but like they say, no one knows for sure.

Song information Edit

The guy is likely talking about moving along after your trailer gets burnt down by evil chipmunks. Happens all the time. If they see gasoline, they act quickly.

Terrible, too. But it happens, and there's really nothing you can do about it you know.

Reason for making it Edit

They had no reason. What a bunch of bull****.

Charts Edit

As we can see, it allegedly did well on the charts. Yeah, uh-huh. Likely story.

Bunch of liars.

US: #15

UK: #42

Note that it is %99.9 likely that these chart positions are flukes

See also Edit

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