An Mp3 (also known in a more boring way as an inproved CD player) is what losers listen to if they don't have Ipods, which are so much better.

The name "Mp3" came from the Greek God Homo, who Greeks worshipped the most, along with his unnamed spouse. Homo was the one who created the Mp3 player and had used it because he liked it.

However, in about 5 minutes, technology came up with something an infinity amount of times better, named the Ipod, which, like I said, is considered to be sold in popular stores that people always shop at, like gas stations and random porta potties out in the desert.

As time passed, it was designated that losers would be the only ones who used mp3 players, with the exception of if the Ipod's 24-month battery died, and the person who owned the Ipod forgot to take the ten minutes to charge the Ipod completely. As for the Mp3, however it takes 24 months to charge while it runs on a 17 second battery, so by the time your emo self has madeit to the car, your times up, and you have to go to the house and charge it (again), because car chargers are not available for Mp3s. I know, right?

For some reason, the Mp3 seems to be one of the most popular music companies in the world, alongside At&t and Verizon, who both think they are music companies.

Complaints Edit

There have been exactly, as of May 12th, 2004 (because we keep an updated count. Kinda), 4,000,000,000,000,001 complaints about Mp3 players, over a 120 century period, due to the fact that mp3 players are not often bought, and are instead overtaken by Ipods in every way managable.

One person, JohnJohn in particular, had this to say during the election: "When I bought that Mp3 player for my wife for Christmas, she was so angry that she slapped me in the face and told me she wanted an Ipod. Now, this may seem weird, but even though she's really old like me and can't get out of bed except to campaign unsuccessfully at elections against Obama, she still drives her car around the race track 45 miles a day, thinking it gives her exercise. We go through a whole tank of gas in 2 days."

While this is disturbing, JohnJohn was praised at what he said, even though it may have been a coincidence that at the same time, he had just lost the presidential election.

George Bush actually mentioned that he liked Mp3's, but he's always wrong about everything, so no one cares about what he believes in.

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