Mr. Krabs



Birth name

Eugene A. Krabs




Crab (crabber)

Eugene A. Krabs is a greedy capitalist crab who makes money off of cannibalism by selling Krabby Patties made of crab. He runs a restaurant somewhere in the Pacific Ocean called the Krusty Krab. It is frequented by Rocky Balboa, Nancy Pelosi and John McCain. It also sells heart clogging Krusty Fries and diabetes causing Krusty Cola with plenty of crust, as the name implies.

History & career Edit

Eugene has had alzheimer's disease and prostate cancer ever since he was born. Going to a regular school full of people and him being a bipedial crab and all, this inspired him to become an artist. However, he felt that this did not get him enough money so he hired Squidward to build the Krusty Krab for 5 cents (if he was in a good mood and Squidward built it perfectly) and he had a panic attack after trying too hard to give him the money, which resulted in hospitalization for three months.

But he eventually became very successful at his job and it impressed Obama so much that Obama visited Krabs underwater and gave a speech about him (underwater).

Personality Edit

Mr. Krabs prefers to donate money to the St. Jude's children hospital in Bikini Bottom and donate blood to orphans at a poor Baptist church in Wisconsin, CA. This made Mr. Krabs popular among many young people (little kids and such) and so he decided that he would burn down all the schools in Bikini Bottom, simply explaining that "nobody likes schools because it costs money to run them.-everyone else um mr krabs is a conservaitive and obama would not be proud of him if he-Mr krabs existed in real life-I robyn!

Obama and Mr Krabs are having an affair and are in love with each other. Read this article headline as it contains much realistic and real info. Don't deny the fact that Mr. Krabs and Obama luv each other since we all know it's true. Obama is also in love with Spongebob and Spongebob is in love with Mitt Rommney  sooo by that standard, Obama must be in love with Mitt Rommney and Mr. Krabs must be in love with Mitt Rommney as well. Using deductive reasoning, I can infer that Mr Krabs and Mitt Rommney are having an affair together WHICH is the reason why President Bush's daughter is having a baby, all because Mr Krabs and Mitt Rommney are having an affair. True factsEdit

---8====D O: (This is a rocket traveling to a planet with an orbit of two moons around it. I dunno what you were thinking, gawd)

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