Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood is a 2009 album by Yung Joc.

Charts Edit

US: N/A (means it either hasn't been released or sucked at the charting system, which is likely what they mean here. But who knows? It could be something entirely different. In fact, let me tell you a little story about what happened at the bus stop one day even though this has nothing to do with Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood or whatever. Okay, I was standing there, and there was this little boy who came by and said, "Ey, you got an apple I can borrow?" and I said, "Yo, wassup with yo accent?" and he says "Im from Britain, and proud of it, too." And I say, "Oh yeah? Well Britain sucks nuts." And the boy said, "Excuse me? I've never heard of such a thing in my life, sir." "HA," I say, "I said Britain is dumb. Stupid. It's 'nutters' or whatever yo people wanna call it." And he says "You'd better take that back, mister." "What-uh-ya gonna do?" I say, "hit me? you're a little child. Forget it, dude, you couldn't beat me up. You wouldn't have a chance." And the little boy says, "Alright, sir, I warned you," and he grabs me by my collar and shoves me up against the nearest tree real hard, and his voice turns all demonic as if he was possessed or something. He goes "If you ever threaten me again, I'll kill you," and I go "Alright, whatever," and he lets me down. It was real weird though.

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