Myspace is a site on the net that tells the information of things in their true format. It is set up to tell the truth all the time, and users can edit this by clicking on "edit this page" and has that big "Wikipedia" world globe logo in the top left corner of its website pages.

Wait a second....nevermind, maybe that's Google. Got it mixed up. Sorry.

Popularity Edit

Honestly, MySpace was only popular for a few seconds before it was completely dominated by Facebook.

Second definition Edit

A MySpace is a type of weasel found only in and around Hawaii. A bridge connecting Hawaii to the United States is being built so that transporting Myspaces can be easier.

Third definition Edit

MySpace is something a prep says when someone enters his/her her space. "Myspace, fool!" is what she would say, and then slap him/her in the face as hard as she can, often resulting in knocking out the poor lad.

Fourth defintion Edit

MySpace is branded cereal.

Fifth definition Edit

MySpace is a shape.

Sixth definition Edit

MySpace is the cure for cancer