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"New Divide" is the first single emo band Linkin Park has released in two years, first released way back in 2009 as a part of the soundtrack for Transformers 2, which has some pretty dumb songs on it, to admit it.

This song was hated for its lack of appeal and random, uncalled for boost in popularity that no one wanted to happen but did anyway. And they wonder how it happened because no one bought a digital download for New Divide. They just listened to it on YouTube (once in a while).

Song information Edit

The song is related to the movie, Transformers 2, which deals with a whole bunch of different new divides, apparently.

Honestly, that sounds ultimately stupid, doesn't it? "Dealing with new divides", which, if you watch the movie, features few or no divides (bored face now).

Certification Edit

It hasn't been certified, because it didn't stay up in the charts long enough. It was there at #6 for one week on the Billboard Hot 100, and then it was gone again. Now, how delightful is that.

Charts Edit

First of all, the song is, just like every other Linkin Park, always jumping around in the charts, as it peaks high, which is deceiving, and then it falls back to like #50 or something and slowly rises before dying out.


  • US: —
  • UK: —

Note that this is likely an error in the charts and that the song didn't actually chart that high.

See also Edit

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