An evil pancake on John McCain's head.

Pancakes are flat, round, and terrible to the taste, because somone who is bad at cooking makes them. Otherwise they are combined with the taste of surip that makes them taste even worse, but people torture themselves in the morning by eating them anyway.

Size and shape and material Edit

They are said to be plastic and made out of poptarts, but a recent study proved this untrue. They are instead plastic materials made of toaster pastries.

The Pancake War Edit

Back in 2008, during the Cold War, of course, the Pancake War erupted from nowhere when a boy from a small bakery in New York proclaimed: "These pancakes are great!"

He was shot the next minute. However, even though this happened, the news was spreading, and soon people started liking pancakes, so companies were sued and forced to put drugs in them as a threat to make people stop liking them. Although effective, this did not last long enough, as the government agreed this was unethical and not fair.

Soon, people all over the world started eating pancakes, even though drugs were in them, and lots of people got intoxicated , so pancakes were banned by the authorities, and people were unhappy, but the problem is solved.

For now.

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